The steelworkers from Sparrows Point are marvelous tellers of their own stories, even if those stories are more than 50 years old. These transcripts are a sample of their personalities and are based on videotaped interviews, which we hope to put up on-line at some point.

          Thanks for this section are due to:

          David Forest of the CCBC-Dundalk campus AV Department, who converted the videotaped interviews into a digital format so that copies could be sent to the workers who were interviewed

          Dr. Avon Garrett and Dr. Timothy Davis, of the History Department at CCBC, who found some money in their budgets to pay for the first transcripts.

          Shari Young, of Weaverville, NC, John Bailey, of Dundalk, and Johanna Seymour, of Baltimore, for making the transcripts

          Deb Weiner, of the Baltimore Museum of Industry, for another transcript.

          Joe Giordano, ace photographer for The Dundalk Eagle and now a well-known artist, son of a steelworker, for creating a portrait gallery to accompany the transcripts.

          Rob Schoberlein, director of the Baltimore City Archives, who has stored and protected all of the interview material

          Hunt Hobbs, who provided technical help to create video clips

          As of early 2020, there are almost 100 video interviews, and more done every month. We hope to find enough money to provide transcripts of all of them, and to also put the full interviews up as a streaming video.

          The following transcripts are now available on-line:

  1. Eddie Bartee, Sr.
  2. Lee Douglas, Jr.
  3. Edie Papadakis
  4. LeRoy McClelland, Sr.
  5. Mary Lorenzo
  6. Neal Crowder
  7. Joe Kotelchuck
  8. Joe Ed Lawrence
  9. Ted Priester
  10. Margaret (Mugs) Rytter
  11. Chuck Swearingen
  12. Pete Wolfkill
  13. Steve Yianakis

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  14. Joe Benny
  15. Ashley Boswell
  16. Chuck Swearingen
  17. Neal Crowder
  18. James Erving
  19. Rita Hamlet