Even though the steel industry, and the steelworkers union, have been central to U.S. history, there are very few books on the topic, compared, for example, to the auto industry and the auto workers. The steelworker communities remain largely unexamined, there are few works of fiction, and the histories are scattered. There are, however, some excellent new web sites, as historians move—as we have—into the electronic age.


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Struggles in Steel (Braddock Films)

One Voice: A History of Sparrows Point and The United Steelworkers Union

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Bethlehem Steel: The People Who Built America (Lehigh Valley PBS)

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Web Sites

Mark’ Reutter’s Making Steel

The Dundalk Eagle History of Sparrows Point

Heritage in Hampden—a local labor history project of Dave Gadsby

Labor Heritage—an inventory of Maryland union halls by Rob Chidester

The Library of Congress—American Memory—157 photos of the steel industry

The Rivers of Steel Heritage Area

The Youngstown, Ohio, Historical Center of Labor and Industry

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Days of Steel: Songs From An Empty Steel Mill (Summer Tent Records)