John McGrain

Retired Baltimore County Historian John McGrain is both tireless and infinitely knowledgeable. He compiled this bibliography of newspaper articles on Sparrows Point for the project.

    Bill: I think we have  a good variety of citations.  The bibliography reached 49 pages. It is attached. Possibly someone else has a collection of clippings but I have gathered matter at Goucher, Towson Library, and Maryland Historical Society.

-- John McGrain  (6/2007)

    Bill: There are four bulging file folders of clippings in the Baltimore County Office of Planning; I have a few others.  Some clippings were on construction paper in the MHS vertical file. Yes, put it on your web site--it was fun idea.  Maybe other people will contribute citations.

-- John McGrain  (6/17/2007)

     Most of the articles in his collection are only in hard copy but we hope at some point to be able to put them up on line.

The articles, beginning with the first notice in 1887 of the intended construction of “Steelton,” as the Sparrows Point plant was originally called, are enormously interesting, especially the reports of industrial accidents and explosions at the facility. One headline-- Anonymous, “Local Items [Frank Braxton, colored, killed by a hoisting boom],” Baltimore County Union, November 17, 1888, p. 3, col. 1.—shows the racial situation existed at The Point from the earliest days.

Among John’s other publications are:

From Pig Iron to Cotton Duck: A History of Manufacturing Villages in Baltimore County. Volume I (1985)

Then and Now-Susquehanna Bridges

Subject of Historical Society Bulletin (The Historical Association of Harford County) March 26, 2003

The Treasure of Loch Raven (a history of mills in the area)          

Sparrows Point Bibliography  Compiled by John McGrain, 2007

 (in chronological order)

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