According to Elmer Hall, who grew up in the town of Sparrows Point and has published a wonderful book about the town, the Sparrows Point cemetery was located behind I Street on the North Side of town near the garages. Probably the Trotten family burial place, it contained the graves of

Elmer notes that the burial ground was there long before either the town or the mill came into being. The Trotten family lived on the site of the old Sparrows Point Golf course, later Penwood Park.

A photo of the Trotten house is in Elmer's book. Retired Sparrows Point police officer Charles Ivey drew a diagram of the town, showing that the graveyard was off 9th Street, across an alley behind the indoor pistol range and the laundry, near the garages.

Retired Baltimore County historian John McGrain informs us that copies of some of the inscriptions on the tomb stones are at the Historical Society of Baltimore County.